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Announcing Tropical Strawberry Shakeology

Tropical Strawberry ShakeologyTropical Strawberry Shakeology is now available through the Team Beachbody online store, and according to reports we’ve heard, it’s flying off the shelves…

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Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Coming Soon

Beachbody has announced that the long-awaited Tropical Strawberry flavor of Shakeology will be released in mid-February. The Tropical Strawberry flavor has been highly anticipated by fans of Beachbody’s popular meal replacement shake, and it will in fact be 100% vegan!

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P90X Yoga X Workout Review – Day 55

P90X Yoga WorkoutToday was day 55 of my P90X journey, and I did Yoga X once again…

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P90X Day 54 – Core Synergistics Workout

P90X Core SynergisticsWell, I’m almost 2/3′s of the way through the P90X program now, and I completed the Core Synergistics workout today.

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X Stretch – P90X Day 53

X StretchToday was day 53 of P90X, and I completed the X Stretch workout again…

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P90X Shoulders and Arms Workout Review

Today, I had to do my Cardio X a little bit later than usual. It worked great. It was better in my joints since, I have bad joints and it hurts a bit in the mornings when I just woke up. I made it in the middle of the morning and it worked amazing. It was soooo good.

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P90X Yoga X – Day 50

Another Yoga session, found myself able to withstand the Warrior 3 and triangle poses at the end of the working asanah’s completely last night, that was nice, but still dislike the length of the yoga!