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Archive for April, 2010

P90X Extreme Home Fitness Program Review – Day 11

Today was the 11th day of my P90X workout review, and the work out was Shoulders and Arms again. After letting myself down yesterday I was really determined to bring it today… and I did…

P90X Plyometrics Review – Day 10

Today was day 10 of P90X, and the workout video was Plyometrics. I didn’t have such a good workout today. Normally I get home from work at about 4:30pm and get straight to the workouts on my own. Michelle gets home around 6:30-6:45pm so I have just enough time to get everything done, put the [...]

P90X Workouts Reviewed – Day 9 Chest and Back DVD

Week two of my P90X workouts has begun!! Today was day 9 of my P90X Review, and I did the Chest and Back DVD again.

P90X DVD Workout Reviews – Day 8 Rest and X Stretch

Day 8 of my P90X program review, and today was my rest day and optional X Stretch workout. Not much to tell you today. I intended to do the stretch routine but if I’m completely honest with myself, having read that it was optional and knowing how much I “brought it” during the week I [...]

P90X Review – Day 7 Kenpo X Workout DVD

Day 7 of my P90X workout review, and today I did Kenpo X. Before going into this workout I thought that it would be my easiest day. Having studied Martial Arts for over a year I figured that my body would be used to the kicking/punching movements and that I would breeze through the hour [...]

P90X Fitness Program Reviews – Day 6 Legs and Back Workout

This is day 6 of my P90X fitness program review — the workout is legs and back. There really isn’t much to report today. I’m not sure if my body is getting used to being abused or whether the workouts are getting easier? Don’t get me wrong… this was still a very hard workout but [...]

P90X Home Fitness Program Review – Day 5 Yoga X

Day 5 of my P90X workout review and OMG! I thought Yoga was supposed to be relaxing and more of a “ladies” workout!! Boy was I wrong. The P90X Yoga X workout puts you into the most awkward positions, and makes you hold yourself there for what seems to be an age!! Imagine being in [...]