Amazing Yoga Workout – Day 22 P90X Results

Amazing YogaToday marked the beginning of my 4th week of P90X workouts, and the schedule changed up for the first time since I began the program.

I completed the Yoga X DVD today instead of Chest and Back, and it went really well. I was actually a little sore still from yesterday’s X Stretch video, but I still had an amazing yoga workout. I think I’m slowly turning into Gumby…

As I mentioned, I am pretty sore due to the fact that I really stretched myself to the limit yesterday. My overall flexibility continues to improve dramatically, especially the hamstrings.

There are a few yoga postures that I’m still struggling with, but overall I’ve come a long way. I’m even able to do Crane now, which was incredibly challenging for me in the beginning.

By the way, if you’re just beginning yoga, I strongly recommend that you pick up a few very important yoga props…

  1. Yoga blocks
  2. A good yoga mat

The yoga blocks are especially important in the beginning, as there’s a good chance that you won’t have the flexibility yet to do some of the more challenging poses.

As far as the mat goes, one word of advice: not all yoga mats are created equal. I actually tried a few before I found one that was sticky enough to provide the extra grip I needed for doing Downward Dog…

Well, that’s it for today’s P90X update. I will be completing the Yoga X DVD twice this week, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works out…

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