Back and Legs P90X Workout – Day 12

Legs and Back P90XWell, I’m off work today ‘cuz we’re leaving for vacation in Florida tonight, so I thought I’d pop in the Kenpo X DVD and knock out today’s routine. What a surprise to actually look at the schedule and realize that today was the Back and Legs P90X workout!  Daunted, but determined, I popped in today’s P90X DVD and went to work…

This week’s Legs and Back P90X workout was a lot better as I added 15lb dumbbells after realizing the resistance bands were good for only so much on many of these exercises.  All went well, I only had to pause three times to pop in different movies for my 2 yr old to keep him busy.

A side note, I’m usually pretty critical of these workout video personalities, like the ponytail guy with the Gazelle.  Their all around cheesiness and douchiness is a detriment to taking the workout seriously.  I have to say (for me anyway) that Tony has just the right amount of “pumpitude” and his humor isn’t bad at all.

Looking forward to spending Week 3 in Panama City Beach with the entire extended family, should be a test of my resolve and creativeness in working in the routines, but I will not be deterred!

Stay tuned…

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One Comment to “Back and Legs P90X Workout – Day 12”

  1. Zach 21 May 2010 at 12:36 pm

    Way to bring it Jason.

    Have fun on your vacation, I’m jealous!

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