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P90X Shoulders and Arms Workout Review

Today, I had to do my Cardio X a little bit later than usual. It worked great. It was better in my joints since, I have bad joints and it hurts a bit in the mornings when I just woke up. I made it in the middle of the morning and it worked amazing. It [...]

P90X Plyometrics Workout

Hello Guys. Today i really went far into the plyometrics world. I really went in deep. I completed all the exercises as best as my abilities allowed me. I went farther and deeper as I could. It was HARD. It was an intensive/great workout. I kicked harder, farther and stronger than ever. I made sure [...]

P90X Cardio X-Chest, Shoulders, and triceps Workout – Day 2

Ok, today is the beginning of my 2nd month of P90X and I am really excited. I begin my day by using the Cardio X workout…

P90X Stretch Workout – Day 26

Today is my relaxation day. I love the X Stretch workout since I get to stretch and really get in contact with all my core and all the extremities. I stretch every muscle I have and it helps a lot with all the sore muscles I have from all my prior workouts.

P90X Yoga Workout – Day 25

I did yoga X today, it was day 25 of P90X… Great way to make your body more elastic and flexible. It gave me great energy levels and it made me workout. It’s still tooo long in my opinion. It has allowed me to become more flexible and develop more core energy that I didn’t [...]

P90X Core Synergistics Workout – Day 24

Ok, today was day 24 and I did Core Synergistics again. WOW, this time was even harder than the first time. It it incredibly intense and full of challenging combinations that absolutely work your core in ways I have never experienced before. It focuses especially on all your muscles located between your chest and your [...]

P90X Kempo X Workout – Day 23

Today, it was the kempo x workout. It was amazing. It love the type of workout it gives me. I sweat from head to toe and it works out every single part of your body, especially your legs…