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P90X Yoga X – Day 50

Another Yoga session, found myself able to withstand the Warrior 3 and triangle poses at the end of the working asanah’s completely last night, that was nice, but still dislike the length of the yoga!

Day 43 – P90X Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

Great P90X workout last night, kicked up the weight on several exercises to break the mini rut (bought some 25′s for Fathers’s Day).  Really saw a difference on the Scarecrows, circles and tri rises.  Looking forward to Plyo tonight…

Day 39 of my P90X Review – Yoga X

Another session with Yoga.  Really kind of lost momentum after the working Asanah’s (sp?), but hung in there.   Still convinced that I will never get close to Crane, and the half-moon’s are still a killer. This is still my least favorite in the whole P90x series, and I think it’s mainly because it takes so [...]

P90X Back and Biceps – Day 38

Another great P90X workout today, much better than the first time (last week) as I knew which weights to use on each set, really went after it. As a side note,  I took my kid to see Karate Kid this weekend and (of course) we had to stop in and sign up for intro Tae [...]

P90X Plyometrics Workout – Day 37

Day 37 of P90X and nothing new here, same old ass whuppin’ workout!  Loved it though, still a few sections where I have to take a breather, but can still make it through the whole workout on my feet. Down to 211 lbs, really starting to notice differences in the mirror each day!

P90X Shoulders, Chest, and Tri’s – Day 36

Great P90X workout last night, hitting a good stride for the week, actually looking forward to Plyo next to keep the furnace burning.  Starting to notice definition in my shoulders, tris, bis.  Also seeing the hint of shape in my upper ab area, need to melt about 15 lbs of fat around midsection, which is why [...]

Kenpo X P90X Workout – Day 34 Review

Today was day 34 of P90X, and I did the Kenpo X workout to finish up the first week of phase II.  As usual, it was the easiest of the workouts, but I’ve noticed I can kick higher now, plus my weight continues to (although slowly) go down…