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P90X Exercise Program Review – Day 9

Today was day 9 of my P90X exercise program review and WOW(!), my butt got kicked today.

P90X Workout Reviews – Day 8

My P90X workout review continues! Today was day 8 and I did back and chest again…

P90X Day 7 – Rest!

No brainer here, I took the day off as I definitely needed the rest! Stay tuned…

P90 Workout Review – Day 6

Today was day 6 of my P90X workout review, and I really had a hard time keeping up. I know my cardio has improved drastically in one week, but I feel sore and have determined to use day 7 as a rest day. My body needs it, but my mind wants to do the workout!

P90X Transformation – Day 5

Well, today was the 5th day of my P90X transformation, and I realized one thing — I hate wall squats!!! Man today was killer, but I love it because I know if you don’t feel the pain then there will be no gain.

P90X Reviews – Yoga X Day 4

Day 4 of my 90 day P90X reviews journal, and today was my first experience with Yoga X. It was amazing, I feel great! Still sore, and got a cardio workout, but my over all feeling is good.

P90X Results – Day 3

I have to say, P90X amazes me. I expected at this point I would be so sore, and hurt to the point I couldn’t do anything. But I don’t! I feel motivated, healthy, and full of energy!