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P90X X Stretch Video – Day 28

Today was day 28 of P90X, and first things first: I took a sick day to go to the doctor, then the emergency room, and then home to recuperate…

Yoga X Video – Day 27 of my P90X Review

Today was day 27 of P90X, and I woke up with serious pain everywhere I impacted the ground on my Friday night crash. I had serious doubts about whether I’d be able to even do Yoga X today. Yesterday’s Core Synergistics did a number on my sore parts, and Yoga X was the bigger, badder [...]

P90X Core Synergistics Work Out – Day 26

Today was day 26 of P90X, and it was the return of Core Synergistics.

Day 25: X Stretch…and the return to cycling

Today was day 25 of P90X, and what a day. What a week. It’s been a very stressful workweek, not helped by lack of proper sleep. I knew X Stretch would help release tension, and it came through as always. It even helped me relax enough to take a very quick power nap before prepping [...]

Kenpo X P90X Review – Day 24

Day 24 of my P90X review, and today went much better than I thought. I was not well-rested at all since I didn’t get enough sleep the night before, so I just knew I’d crash and burn today. But I resorted to something I haven’t done in a long time, and that was a tall, [...]

P90X Pictures – Nhan Day 21

Here are my P90X pictures from day 21:

P90X Core Synergistics – Day 23

Day 23 of my P90X review and I completed the Core Synergistics workout today… Wow. What a workout. Tony and the kids handed my butt to me for nearly an hour, and I hated it…but I loved it. Core Synergistics came at a perfect time when I was not only physically weary, but also mentally [...]