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P90X Legs, Back, and Ab Ripper X Workout Review – Day 19

Today was day 19 of my P90X review, and it was pretty hard… Especially difficult were the Legs & Back routines, where I kept losing my balance during some parts of the workout due to my leg muscles wearing out. I also forgot to mention that yesterday’s Yoga X workout went really well but at [...]

P90X Workout Review – Plyometrics Day 2

I forgot to post my P90X workout review for day 2 this morning so I’m doing it now…

P90X Fit Test

P90X Fit Test

Today was my day 1 of P90 X. I did the fit test, which was a really good gauge for the state of fitness that I am at right now…

Zach’s P90X Transformation

Well, I finally decided to get serious about getting fit and just bought the P90X program last week. I’m getting started tomorrow…

P90X Motivation and Demoralizers

Just thought I’d add this note in before day one tomorrow… My girlfriend Michelle has been putting down the P90X workout and telling me that because of the amount of beer that I drink (and the sugar levels that go with it), I’m going to crash after the workouts and basically implying that I cant [...]