Chest and Back P90X Video – Day 15 Results

Chest and Back P90X VideoMan, day 15 of my P90X workout was not so fun. Coming off vacation, I didn’t have sufficient rest, so the workout was pretty rough. However, I pushed myself to meet or exceed my performance last week, and the numbers show it (second set in parentheses)…

  1. Standard Push-Ups: 18 (14)
  2. Wide Front Pull-Ups: 10 (7)
  3. Military Push-Ups: 10 (9)
  4. Reverse Grip Chin-Ups: 6 (5)
  5. Wide Fly Push-Ups: 12 (10)
  6. Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups: 6 (5)
  7. Decline Push-Ups: 4 (4)
  8. Heavy Pants: 10 @ 15 lbs. (10 @ 15 lbs.)
  9. Diamond Push-Ups: 10 (8)
  10. Lawnmowers: 10 @ 15 lbs. (10 @ 15 lbs.)
  11. Dive-Bomber Push-Ups: 6 (9)
  12. Back Flys: 10 @ 15 lbs (10 @ 15 lbs.)

Because of my upper body weakness, Chest & Back has to be my least favorite P90X routine, but my body’s been adjusting, and actually wanting more. BUT, I just looked at my schedule, and it looks like I won’t be doing Chest & Back for a few weeks, since next week is a recovery week before we move on to the growth phase. I know there will be plenty more upper body exercises this week, however, to compensate for it.

As I’ve been going on about these last few entries, I really need more sleep to really get more out of P90X. So, I’m taking an active step toward that goal tonight by popping a melatonin pill to make me sleepy. I’m a night owl, so I need whatever help I can get to fall asleep at night—especially if I have to go to bed early. I’m rarely well rested, but when I am, it makes all the difference. And I’ll need my rest, because Plyometrics is tomorrow.

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