Chest and Back Workout – Day 15 Review

P90X Chest and Back WorkoutToday, since I have been out of combat for a few days (from a cold), P90X was way harder that I anticipated…

I have been logging my P90X workout journal for a few weeks now, without realizing why and what for. I realized it today when I saw my progress, it wasn’t much but I saw a big difference from the first time I did it and now. The reps are way higher and the weight increased. Even though the workout was brutal and I was about to puke, I really enjoyed it. It felt good for the body.

After I was done, I has happy though, and then…….Ab Ripper X, I totally forgot it was coming.

I did it, I’m getting better, before I couldn’t even finish the routine by doing 10 reps a workout. Now I do 15 and I’m getting them all done as the video is playing so I see noticeable improvement.

Tomorrow is Plyo (ohh no), brutal!

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