Core Synergistics Review – P90X Day 22

P90X Core Synergistics ReviewDay 22 of P90X is here, and I completed the Core Synergistics workout today…

I gotta admit, three weeks of the core routines was just enough time to get used to them.  So I’ve been looking at my little matrix with some trepidation.  This week seems kind of “lightweight” comparatively….and the term “synergy” evokes images of a middle management d-bag at some convention or seminar making great use of their online MBA in a powerpoint presentation (in defense of mmdb’s, I sadly belong to those ranks).  And let’s face it, you add “-gism” to anything and it’s funny (that’s right, I’m also 12 years old inside).

As I have apparently failed to learn to date, the p90x folks know what they’re doing.  The Synergistics workout is fantastic, and totally unlike anything I’ve ever done in total.  Several of the exercises remind me of some I used to do in the military, but the combinations and pacing makes for a great workout.  I particularly enjoyed the X-press exercise.

The one mistake I made was using 15lb weights for the dumbbell exercises, I’ll definitely have to lighten up for the next round.  If you haven’t done this one yet I’d suggest having some 8′s or 10′s handy.

Starting this fresh P90X workout in the fourth week was just the thing to re-engage my interest, not that I was really waning, but I think the timing is perfect to start switching it up a bit.  I’m becoming more of a believer each week.

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