Day 25: X Stretch…and the return to cycling

P90X X Stretch DVDToday was day 25 of P90X, and what a day. What a week. It’s been a very stressful workweek, not helped by lack of proper sleep.

I knew X Stretch would help release tension, and it came through as always. It even helped me relax enough to take a very quick power nap before prepping for three hours of cycling that was to follow. And as I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to see how P90X conditioning had affected my body, since I hadn’t been on my bike for almost two months now.

En route to the charity ride (the Houston Police Department Moonlight Classic), I had my first real spill on the road, faceplanting and tumbling on the concrete, banging my body up pretty good. I can’t really prove it, but I think my improved musculature helped shield my bones from worse damage. Checking that my bike was still functional, I kept riding till I met up with the rest of the crowd at the event, and took off.

I found that despite being off the bike for almost two months, P90X’s conditioning let me ride at almost 80% of my previous capability when I was in heavy cycling training, which is pretty impressive. I also found that P90X was working different parts of my quads than cycling, because my cycling quads were feeling it early on. But ultimately, my conditioning let me ride through the early discomfort—including the accident I had before the event—and finish off the ride among the faster riders there. Nice.

Tomorrow is Core Synergistics, which means serious pain on the Banana moves, since I banged my left hip pretty bad. But I will bring it.

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