Kempo Workout – Day 13 Review

P90X Kempo X WorkoutOk, I’m back! After almost a week of having a cold, today I’m back on my P90X workouts.

I was very rusty, tight, and wasn’t able to stretch as far as I did just 1 week ago…

I still a great workout today. Non-stop sweating throughout the workout. I felt the burn and pushed myself 100%. I’m feeling much better and regained my lost energy and I’m hoping i can continue the workouts without any more problems.

Good thing is that this part is the softest of the week one through week 3 P90X schedule. Tomorrow is stretch and then back on to Chest and Back for week 3. I’m hoping to get more cardio in though. I guess this part of the workout is to train your body for endurance and energy workouts. It’s working but I’m concerned that I still have my beer gut. I need more cardio!!!!

I hope week 4 has more to give me.

See you tomorrow!—-Glad to be back!

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