Kenpo X P90X Review – Day 24

P90X Kenpo X WorkoutDay 24 of my P90X review, and today went much better than I thought. I was not well-rested at all since I didn’t get enough sleep the night before, so I just knew I’d crash and burn today. But I resorted to something I haven’t done in a long time, and that was a tall, canned energy drink before lunchtime. Since I’m so sensitive to caffeine, it pretty much wired me all day…and I’m still wired now. The downside is that it stressed me out more than I needed to be. The upside is that it carried me through a rough day and challenging workout.

After pushing myself these last few years cycling, I’m pretty attuned to my energy levels, so I could feel at the beginning of the Kenpo X routine that I was flagging, and being artificially boosted with caffeine. As the workout progressed, however, my energy level rose as I moved, jumped, and kicked more and more. I was likely fatigued not only from lack of sleep, but also from being so sedentary at my desk job all day.

Tomorrow is X Stretch, which is once again perfectly timed, because I’m doing 3-hour charity bike ride tomorrow night after the stretching. This’ll be my first bike ride since before I started P90X, so I’m curious to see how my P90X conditioning will serve me. More details tomorrow.

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