Kenpo X P90X Workout – Day 20

Kenpo X P90XThis is day 20 of my P90X workout, and today I did the Kenpo X DVD.

Weekends are just mentally harder when it comes to P90X, holiday or not, since there isn’t a work prioritizing what gets done when. Because of this, I’ve been having a feeling a little more temptation to push my workouts later and later in the day. Thankfully, the procrastination doesn’t seem to push back my routines any later than I’d normally do them during the week.

Kenpo X started off a little shaky, but I picked up the pace in the first quarter, then carried out everything strong through the finish. If I didn’t live in an apartment, and had a house with a garage or workout room, I think Kenpo X would be really enjoyable with a punching bag as a target to practice intensity with the striking movements.

Nutritionally, I’m ready for a change, and I’m sure the Growth phase will bring that. But I still have a week in the Fat Shredder phase, which workout-wise is a recovery phase that week, so I’ll stick it out and stay the course. I’m really hoping for more carbs and protein to see if I can’t make the most of the Growth phase.

Tomorrow is X Stretch, which can’t come soon enough, since I’m tight again in my upper back and neck.

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