Kenpo X P90X Workout – Day 20

Chuck NorrisToday was day 20 of my P90X workout, and I completed the Kenpo X DVD once again…

After yesterday’s epic P90X Legs and Back fail, I was anxious to redeem myself. Today’s workout went much better, and I really pushed myself hard during each routine.

While Kenpo X may initially seem like a “soft” workout, it’s actually pretty challenging if you focus on punching and kicking with force during each set. I’m noticing big week over week improvements in my form, and also I’m finding that my strikes are getting much more… dangerous. Like Chuck Norris.

Tomorrow is X Stretch once again, and then I begin week 4. The P90X workouts change up for 7 days during week 4, so I won’t have any heavy-duty resistance training again until week 5 — I think I’m going to miss that.

Well, that’s all for today’s update. I’ll be posting my weekly P90X pictures and measurements again tomorrow, so stay tuned…

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