Kenpo X P90X Workout – Day 6 Results

Kenpo X P90X WorkoutToday was day 6 of P90X and I completed the Kenpo X workout for the very first time. Loved it.

Some of the moves during this P90X workout took me back to martial arts classes I took back in middle and high school, where I imagined I was defending against and striking down multiple opponents. I’m really glad the video took the time to stretch the major leg muscles before getting into the routine, because I’m not nearly as flexible as I was when I was a kid, when I’d see adult classmates who worked to stretch. I’m now that classmate.

According to the typical max heartrate formula (220 – your age), I got close to my maximum (184 bpm) during some of the more animated kicking routines. I was definitely sweating during the middle of the routine, though I thought the breaks came a but too often. But considering that everyone performs at different levels, I can understand, because I definitely have to pause to pull off my bar reps on upper body days.

Nutrition-wise, I’m wondering if the calorie restrictions and protein/carb/fat proportions are geared toward those wanting to burn fat weight. I’m trying to gain mass, and even when I was cycling, I’d normally consume at least 3000 calories a day. Now I’m capped at 1800 a day, and though I do have a little fat to burn, I need more muscle to burn that fat. My muscles are extremely hungry for more carbs to sponge up, but they’re just not there.

Tomorrow is X Stretch, and I’m looking forward to loosening these hamstrings.

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