Legs, Back, and Ab Ripper X Workout – Day 12 Review

Today it was the P90X Legs and Back DVD, followed by the Ab Ripper X workout…

Today was a great workout. It was much harder using my pullup bar. This is my first week using it, and it has shown to be very difficult. I had to use the chair to help support my exercise. The leg parts, I am getting much better at, but the pull up exercises are still killing me and I feel really weak at doing them, since I can’t really do much reps, or even do them without using any type of assistance (ie. Chair).

After it, I was able to see progress in the Ab Ripper workout. I was not able to do 10 reps of the workouts, but today I managed to do 15 of all the exercises. I still stopped in some of them to rest, but I was able to make all reps. I felt good about it. Maybe next time, I can do 15 still but at least no pausing or resting in between them.

Be sure to stay tuned for day 13 of my P90X reviews!

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