P90X Cardio X-Chest, Shoulders, and triceps Workout – Day 2

Ok, today is the beginning of my 2nd month of P90X and I am really excited.

I begin my day by using the Cardio X workout…

Great cardio workout. It is a blend of kempo, plyo and plain ‘ole core synergetic exercises all put together into a shorter more condensed version. I loved it. It pumped my day full of energy. It felt great and it was just long enough.

Then I got home and did my chest, shoulders, and triceps workout.

Amazing combination. Really chest intensive. Very hardcore and well coordinated in the mix. After this, I ended up the day with the Ab Ripper X workout. I feel better with this workout. I feel like I can do more now that what I could do before. I still feel like its very fast paced but amazing.

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