P90X Core Synergistics – Day 23

P90X Core SynergisticsDay 23 of my P90X review and I completed the Core Synergistics workout today…

Wow. What a workout. Tony and the kids handed my butt to me for nearly an hour, and I hated it…but I loved it. Core Synergistics came at a perfect time when I was not only physically weary, but also mentally weary of the same routines over and over. This routine reminded me of the excitement I felt when taking on P90X in the first week, not knowing what was next. Now that I know what to expect, however, I can work on getting better at each movement.

In the routine, my weakest move by far was the Lunge to Chaturanga Runs. My upper arm strength is still not there, and it actually fried my arms so bad that it affected my performance in subsequent moves for the next few minutes. I know I’ll be feeling it tomorrow! All other related upper arm moves, like push-ups, are right behind this move when it comes to my weak spots.

My strongest move—and probably my favorite—would be the Boat to Bow. I definitely have been working the hell out of my core, and it’s paying off with moves like this and the Bananas.

Tomorrow is Kenpo X again, which I suspect will be a little harder than usual after today’s butt-whooping.

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