P90X Core Synergistics Work Out – Day 26

P90X Core Synergistics WorkoutToday was day 26 of P90X, and it was the return of Core Synergistics.

I brought it as best I could, considering the injuries I sustained last night on the road. I was correct that the Banana moves would hurt—especially on my left hip, which hit the concrete hard—but the really severe pain was in my wrists when attempting the various push-ups, chaturangas, and any moves requiring weights. I had to modify to make the most of the exercises, and did planks when push-ups were on, and deleted weights.

I’m really hoping that the wrist pains will go away, but I did the exact wrong thing you’re not supposed to do when falling, and that’s putting your hands out in front of you. You’re supposed to use your arms. I’m a little concerned about Yoga X tomorrow, which heavily relies on wrists, and will again do my best to make it through the routine. First thing Monday morning, I’ll have to go in for X-rays if the pain hasn’t subsided.

If you remember from a few posts back, I mentioned that only illness, injury or death would stop me from finishing this program. I’m now faced with injury, but hope it’s not enough to stop me from completing the P90X program.

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