P90X Core Synergistics Workout – Day 24

P90X Core Synergistics WorkoutOk, today was day 24 and I did Core Synergistics again. WOW, this time was even harder than the first time. It it incredibly intense and full of challenging combinations that absolutely work your core in ways I have never experienced before. It focuses especially on all your muscles located between your chest and your hip. Everything in between. Intense abs, and core routines that manage to challenge me in a way that its hard for me to keep up with.

I’m happy with this P90X workout and I am looking forward on doing it and keeping up with the team better and better every time.

Tomorrow is X Stretch and then I begin my second month of the program, I’m excited to see how intensifying the cardio will help me get rid of my belly. Also, the picture checkup is up.

I’m not really looking forward to that! You be the judge…

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