P90X Day 11 Yoga

I’m brand new to the 90DayBloggers.com crew, and I’m really psyched to be a part of the community…

A little about me…

I’ve always been a “big guy”.  Never huge, but never fit either.  I was in the Army for three years and was always in trouble for my weight…heck I was in the “fat boy” program when I ran my 2 mile PT test in 12 minutes!  That’s not exactly Tyson Gay type time, but come on!  That’s just been par for the course for me in my struggles with weight.

Several years ago I joined Weight Watchers because my wife was doing it and I kept sabotaging her on the weekends.  I went from 232 lbs to a low of 168 and looked absolutely gaunt.  Once my pics go up, you’ll notice that I’m the “fat kid” of the 90 Day Bloggers crew (yep, I checked you all out!). But I usually take to exercise programs pretty hard and am already liking the pace and variety of p90x.

I’ve actually been doing the P90X workouts for 11 days now, and I just completed the Yoga X workout today.  Luckily I went through a “hot yoga” phase last year, which was fantastic (but rather pricey) and requires regular attendance to keep from killing yourself.

The P90X Yoga X workout is a nice semi-break from the intensity of the first three days of the week, although there are a few moves that I don’t know if I’ll ever get to (like ‘Crane’, I swear I saw that at Cirque).

I’m really looking forward to Kenpo X tomorrow, as it was easily the most fun workout last week — and I’m also looking forward to reading more from all of the 90 Day Bloggers crew and pushing each other to our goals!

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  1. Zach 20 May 2010 at 11:34 pm

    Welcome Jason! Looking forward to seeing your progress…

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