P90X Day 3 – Shoulders, Arms, and Ab Ripper X DVD

P90X Shoulders and Arms DVDToday was day 3 of my P90X workout and I did the Shoulders and Arms + Ab Ripper X workout…

I actually thought that this workout was a bit overrated. I was really intimidated to see how a full arms and shoulder workout would be in the P90x program, but to be honest I was not that impressed. I am not in shape and I was almost able to fully follow the routines. I did enjoy learning some new exercises that I have never seen before, and I’m sure those will really help. The few that I liked the most really seemed to work deep into the muscle.

Now I’m starting to see a routine pattern. Every DVD is basically going to make you do an entire set up until half way through the workout. After that, you have to repeat them all maxing your way thru. It’s good because it makes you compare to the first run amount of repeats. So you can try to over-run yourself by doing more repeats.

It was good, but again, honestly not as hard as I expected for a Tony Horton workout.

After, the Ab Ripper X workout is still getting the best of me and I feel like I’m not even half way there as far as keeping up with the video.

I’ll keep on working at it.

PS: I’m really looking forward to the Yoga X workout, since I feel like my muscles are in need of stretching.

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