P90X Exercise Program Review – Day 3 Plyometrics

Day 3 of my P90X workout, and I found out that the P90X plyometrics workout is much harder than the Chest and Back!! It really is the mother of all workouts!! I had to use the pause button LOTS. It’s such a high impact workout with loads of squats, jump squats, lunches, jump lunges and everything that I hate in a workout. I’ve always neglected conditioning my legs and boy does it show! I can see this workout being my achilles heel in P90X…

That being said, I did manage to complete the whole disc, but it took me well over an hour (its a 52 minute workout I think).

Still… gotta keep pushing play – not sure what tomorrow is going to bring!!

P90X Diet

Diet has gone much better today – I had an apple for breakfast, my carbs at 10am, 2 portions of veg at 1pm and 3 protein at 4pm. I did the plyo workout at about 5pm… next time I’ll leave a longer gap between eating and exercising. It did hamper me a bit (hence the pause button i think).

The problem I’m now facing (its 7.20pm) is that I’m just not hungry… not one bit. The thought of eating is really sickening… I don’t want to be bloated like I was last night. Plus I should be at karate training in 10 minutes – but that’s not going to happen for toffee…

I think I’ll have a portion of veg and a portion of protein to tide me over… but I’m seriously considering dropping down to nutrition level one at this rate…

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