P90X Extreme Home Fitness Program Review – Day 11

Today was the 11th day of my P90X workout review, and the work out was Shoulders and Arms again.

After letting myself down yesterday I was really determined to bring it today… and I did…

I raised all of my weights and kept the reps to 8-10. Very happy with my progress.

One thing that is beginning to get to me though is that I have a full set of weights – but as spinlock bars… so every time I need to change the weight I have to pause the DVD, spin the locks off the dumbbells, removed the weights, put the new weights on… spin the locks back on and then unpause – the whole saga taking a good minute or so.

I might invest in a good set of “pre-made” weights – but they’re uber-expensive so I can’t afford to at the minute. Assuming I go onto round two of P90X (I totally intend to) then I’ll look at getting a good solid set then.

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