P90X Fitness Program Review – Yoga X Day 11

P90X Yoga X ReviewToday was day 11 of P90X and it was time for another Yoga X session. I really enjoyed last week’s yoga workout, so I was looking forward to today…

For some strange reason, I actually found the Yoga X workout more difficult this week. I’m pretty sure it’s due to the fact that my body is a little tired from 11 days of intense workouts and is still adjusting. Even though the routine seemed a little more difficult today, I still enjoyed it quite a bit and felt great after it was over.

I noticed more improvement in the flexibility department today, and I’m now able to clasp my hands around the heels of my feet while doing seated hamstring stretches. I’m also able to touch the palms of my hands to the floor when doing standing hamstring stretches.

For breakfast today, I had 2 homemade apple/raisin bran muffins, a green smoothie with spinach, apple, garlic, strawberries, egg whites, a tomato, and half of a cucumber…

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For meal #2, I had a cup of non-fat Greek yogurt (highly recommended) and some low-fat string cheese. I ate an oven roasted turkey salad for lunch (no dressing, no cheese), and I had some grilled chicken with veggies for dinner. I’m going to down a chocolate Shakeology shake with skim milk in a little while for my last meal of the day.

Tomorrow is legs and back, which I’m honestly not looking forward to!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update…

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