P90X Fitness Program Reviews – Day 6 Legs and Back Workout

This is day 6 of my P90X fitness program review — the workout is legs and back.

There really isn’t much to report today. I’m not sure if my body is getting used to being abused or whether the workouts are getting easier? Don’t get me wrong… this was still a very hard workout but nowhere near as hard as the earlier (Plyo, Chest & Back) workouts.

The hardest part were wall squats (I’m not sure what Tony calls them, but this is what my old basketball coach called “sitting the wall”). I did these in the fitness test, but actually squatting and using only one leg nearly broke me. Boy that was tough… but I did my best and forgot the rest!

Tomorrow marks the end of my first week on P90X. I already feel like a million dollars and can’t wait to begin week two.

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