P90X Fitness Test – Day 1 Results

This is officially the first day of my P90X review.

I just completed the P90X fitness test… pretty dissapointed with my results. I thought I was much fitter than I actually am. Its weird because a lot of the exercises that I do at karate training (press ups, jumping jacks etc) were relatively easy to do, but I couldnt even manage one pull up.

A couple of years ago I had a pullup bar in an old house I was living in as a student – I could do maybe 10-15 chin ups, but never thought about trying pull ups. To be honest its a bit demotivating knowing that I can’t even do one (for such a big and “strong” guy… still…) I’m not going to give up at the first hurdle… just a bit concerned that I’m going to miss out on some of the crutical parts of the routine… :O/ – they reccommend using some kind of resistance cords if you cant manage one – but I dont have any (and can’t afford to go out and buy any) so will have to make do with the tools that I have to hand. I bet it’s going to be a different story in 90 days! (Heres hoping).

Ok… so enough chatter – these are my day one results in all their glory :O)

Body Measurements

  • Weight – 289lbs
  • Chest – 113cm
  • Waist – 107cm
  • Hips – 112cm
  • Right Thigh – 68cm
  • Left Thigh – 69cm
  • Right Arm – 38cm
  • Left Arm – 37.5cm

P90X Fitness Test Results

  • Resting Heart Rate – 50bpm
  • Pulls Ups to failure – 1/4 of one
  • Vertical Leap – 33cm (13 inches)
  • Push Ups to failure – 40
  • Toe Touch – minus 20cm
  • Wall Squat to failure – 1 minute 8 seconds
  • Bicep Curls to failure (with a 12.5kg weight) – 15 reps
  • Ab Test to failure – 33

Heart Rate Maximiser

  • 0 Mins 182
  • 1 Mins 135
  • 2 Mins 112
  • 3 Mins 109
  • 4 Mins 106

So I’ve officially passed the requirements for the test, bar the pull ups (the minimum they say you should be about to do as a man is three… but I’m going to use a chair for support until I get stronger I think).

But day one begins tomorrow… wish me luck!!!  Oh – and day one photos to follow!!  No Laughing!!

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