P90X Fitness Training Program Review – Day 2 Plyometrics

P90X PlyometricsToday was day two of 90 day workout extravaganza, and the P90X DVD for today was Plyometrics. After puking during yesterday’s P90X Chest and Back workout, I was a little concerned about doing a full hour of high-intensity plyo routines — but it actually went pretty well…

Plyometrics is another name for “jump training”, and it is exactly as it sounds — lots of hopping around. After a brief warm up period, fitness mogul Tony Horton jumped right in (get it!?) to an hour-long session of jump training exercises.

Overall, I was really happy with my performance today and I didn’t run into any serious problems until there were about 10 minutes left in the video. My head started to hurt and I thought I was going to get sick again, but I was able to avoid that unpleasant scene for today at least. My legs are pretty sore from the workout and I’ve had a little trouble walking up and down stairs ever since.

As far as the P90X Nutrition Plan goes, I had another good eating day today and am following the program exactly as it is laid out. No cutting corners, no cheating.

By the way, I enjoy reading your comments so if you’re also going through P90X right now or simply have a question or comment — let me know. Reading your comments is a big motivator and it’s definitely cool to know that I’ve got people who are there to hold me accountable for my updates.

The fun is just beginning. More to come…

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