P90X Home Fitness Program Review – Day 5 Yoga X

Day 5 of my P90X workout review and OMG! I thought Yoga was supposed to be relaxing and more of a “ladies” workout!! Boy was I wrong. The P90X Yoga X workout puts you into the most awkward positions, and makes you hold yourself there for what seems to be an age!! Imagine being in a lunge position.. hold it… hold it some more… rotate your upper body a few times… hold it some more… wow! I’ve never seen my legs shake so much just by holding up my own body weight!

That being said… the second half of the workout DVD seems to lower the pace somewhat and by the end of the workout (this one is an hour and a half) you genuinely do feel relaxed and as flexible as a baby. I don’t know how he does it.. but I’m so glad Tony put this into P90X.

The diet has gone well today, I’m feeling hungry when I should be and my moods seem to have levelled out (not that I became an ogre or anything crazy… but I have noticed since cutting out the junk that my moods used to fluctuate throughout the day, where I’m much more “levelled out” now).

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