P90X Kenpo DVD – Day 13 Review

P90X Kenpo DVDToday was day 13 of my P90X review and like last week, I really enjoyed the Kenpo DVD. Striking down imaginary opponents really helps me to work off stress…

My favorite move in the combat Kenpo fighting routine is the Elbow Series which is almost at the end of the workout, because it reminds me of Muay Thai kickboxing (which has some vicious elbow and knee strikes). After that, I like the combo moves, like the jab-counter-uppercut moves.

Today’s P90X workout was better than the last few days’ workouts, but I still need more rest and food to build lean muscle mass, because heavy cardio days like today burn a lot of calories for me. Because I strike so hard with every move in the routine, I run the risk of burning out early, and have to meter out my energy more judiciously.

The temptations I’ve been faced with the last few days are no longer enticing me, so I’m past the urge to weaken and eat fried, salty, and fatty foods that would just make more work for me later. I look the same way at alcohol, and quit drinking years ago for the same reason: it just turns to sugar, which signals your body to store fat. No thanks!

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