P90X Kenpo X Routine – Day 34

P90X Kenpo WorkoutToday was day 34 of P90X, and I’m nearing the end of another week. The workout of the day was Kenpo X, which is probably the least intense of the P90X workouts.

Today’s Kenpo X workout went really well, and it was nice to have a break from the other DVD’s which are much more difficult. I’m really noticing improvements with my kicks, I’m able to achieve more height on them than I was able to do in the beginning. I’m also really seeing big changes when it comes to my overall conditioning — while I was a little winded at some points in the workout, it was never as bad as it was in my early days with the program.

Tomorrow is a rest day, or the optional X Stretch workout. As always, I’m planning on doing the stretching DVD and will be posting this week’s updated photos and measurements. In case you missed my P90X transformation pictures from last week (day 28), go check them out.

Stay tuned!

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