P90X Kenpo X Workout Results – Day 6

P90X Kenpo X WorkoutWell, today was day 6 of my Tony Horton P90X workout review and the routine of the day was the Kenpo X DVD.

Today’s kenpo karate workout wasn’t quite as intense as many of the routines in the P90X program, but I still got worked over pretty hard. You can really turn this workout into a monster by kicking and punching as hard and fast as you can, which is why it’s so important to give 110% during every video.

My legs are pretty much fried at this point after doing the Yoga X, Legs and Back, and Kenpo X workouts all within the last 3 days. I’m pretty sore at this point, and definitely walking a little differently than I did earlier in the week.

I’m happy to report that I stayed on track with my diet again today and am really loving the portion approach. It makes eating healthy so simple…

Tomorrow is my rest day or optional X Stretch workout. I’m planning on doing the X Stretch DVD and will also be taking my 1 week progress pictures and measurements.

Stay tuned!

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