P90X Kenpo X Workout Review – Day 18

P90X Kenpo X WorkoutHello Guys,

Today was kempo X. AMAZING!!!!! the amount of energy i got from my workout was incredible. It is outstanding how this workout makes me feel and how much it makes me sweat. What a great workout. I have developed a resistance to it, well not a resistance but and endurance sufficient enough for me to withhold the entire workout. It shoots your body full of energy and helps you burn a great amount of calories in the process.

It’s day 18 of P90X, tomorrow is stretch and after that, I start my week 4 of my workout. I’m excited to see what new challenges Tony has in store for me. As it is now I have only been exposed to the same 7 routines, so I’m excited to see whats new.

I’ll see you tomorrow!

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