P90X Legs and Back (Pain Day) – Day 33

P90X Legs, Back, and Ab Ripper XToday was day 33 of my P90X workout, and I completed the P90X Legs and Back workout once again.

Also known around here as “Pain Day”, the P90X Legs and Back workout is the most brutal of the high-intensity P90X workouts. I still want to weep like a baby whenever I hear Tony Horton announce that it’s time for wall squats, or worse, single-leg wall squats.

As always, I did the Ab Ripper X workout first today — and the only exercises where I run into trouble are Fifer Scissors and Pulse Ups (Heels to the Heavens). I’m able to get through each of those routines, but it isn’t pretty near the end by any standard.

As far as the P90X Nutrition Plan goes, I’m still on track and eating a very strict diet. I had a 6 egg white omelet, whole grain toast, and fresh fruit for breakfast, followed by a chocolate Shakeology shake a few hours later. Post-workout, I had some P90X Recovery Drink, and I’m going to have some grilled chicken breast with raw vegetables in a few minutes for my next meal.

With Kenpo X on the plate for tomorrow, it feels like Christmas in June.

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