P90X Legs, Back, and Ab Ripper X Workout Review – Day 19

P90X Legs, Back, and Ab Ripper XToday was day 19 of my P90X review, and it was pretty hard…

Especially difficult were the Legs & Back routines, where I kept losing my balance during some parts of the workout due to my leg muscles wearing out.

I also forgot to mention that yesterday’s Yoga X workout went really well but at the cost of my quads and calves, and I’m still paying for it today.

Ab Ripper X was my “go to” routine after my so-so performance in Legs & Back, and I had another satisfying workout session. Of all the exercises in Ab Ripper X, I’d say I need the most work on the Roll-Up/V-Ups.

I’ve been reading the free Beachbody newsletters, and one explains that P90X isn’t meant for adding lean muscle mass, but overall fitness. And I’m okay with that, because my first pass through P90X will create a fitness foundation that will allow me to make modifications in subsequent passes to gain mass. I have plenty of time to research what modifications I have to make, because there will need to be workout and nutrition alterations to make that happen.

Tomorrow is Kenpo X, and I’m looking forward to tearing it up, because I’ll be revisiting it again in a few days during next week’s Recovery Phase.

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