P90X Review for Day 15 – Chest, Back, and Ab Ripper X

Today was day 15 of P90X, and I had an absolutely incredible chest and back workout today.

As previously mentioned, I picked up a MiR weighted vest over the weekend to bump up the resistance on the push-up exercises. I’m happy to report, it worked…

The weight vest that I bought weighs 60 lbs., and while I was able to use it for regular and military push-ups, I found that 60 lbs. was too much for wide-grip and diamond push-ups. I decided to take out some of the weights so I could use it for all of the push-up routines, problem solved.

If you’re trying to add muscle mass and are doing 30+ pushups, I highly recommend picking up a weighted vest. I’m still pushing to the point of failure during each set, but now I’m able to hit my max in 10 reps or so.

The only downside with using a weight vest for these workouts is the fact that you alternate between pushups and pullups. I’m still in the 10 and under range for my pullup exercises, so I had to remove the vest every other set.  Definitely a bit of a pain, but it is what it is.

Ab Ripper X went incredibly well today, and once again I did it pre-workout. I’m doing really well with everything up until Pulse-Ups (or Heels to the Heavens) — those things are not friendly to me. Also, I’m now able to do most of the Mason Twist reps with my legs in the air.

In case you missed it, I posted P90X pictures and measurements for day 14 yesterday. Nothing crazy yet, but I’m definitely seeing consistent, gradual improvements.

Well, that’s all for today’s update. Stay tuned for tomorrow, I have a date with a little thing I like to call plyometrics…

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