P90X Plyo Workout – Day 30

P90X Plyometrics WorkoutDay 30 of P90X and it was back to the Plyo grind after a (somewhat) relaxing week of transition workouts.  Last night’s plyo was much more manageable than the first three weeks, though.

I’ve finally started to notice some definite changes in my body, as are my co-workers,  it’s funny to hear how many people have heard about P90x and what they’ve heard (seems if they’ve heard nothing else, they’ve heard how hard Plyo is).  I think getting back to the heavier duty workouts in the second phase as well as getting back off vacation and eating better has “broken the seal” so to speak.  I dropped down to 213 lbs this morning, and my size 38 pants are definitely getting too loose.

It’s early, but my initial plan is to complete the 90 day P90X workout, then do the Insanity workout for 60 days, then back on P90x.  That’s still two months off of course, but I’m happy I’ve had the motivation to stick with this long enough to see some benefits and want to see it through.

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