P90X Plyometrics Training – Day 16 Workout Results

P90X Plyometrics WorkoutToday was day 16 of P90X, and I had another encounter with the Plyometrics workout today.

While still brutal, I am noticing some definite improvements in my overall conditioning and only experienced some very slight nausea during the last 10 minutes or so…

Also, I felt great this morning after doing yesterday’s P90X chest and back workout. I was wondering if there would be any additional soreness today due to the fact that I wore the MiR weighted vest for the first time yesterday, but I’m not sore at all.

I’m still on track with the nutrition plan, but I’m starting to run low on my chocolate Shakeology stash. Fortunately, I just received an email notification a few minutes ago from Beachbody that my home direct order shipped out today. Talk about perfect timing…

I’m really excited to do shoulders and arms tomorrow. Last week, I saw some pretty dramatic improvements over my day 3 P90X shoulders and arms workout. It’ll be interesting to see if that continues tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

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