P90X Plyometrics Workout – Day 16 Results

P90X Plyometrics WorkoutToday was day 16 of P90X, and the workout was plyo.

WOW. Plyometrics is still as intense as always, although I feel my body getting a little more used to the routine. I was able to push through it a lot easier this time around. I didn’t have to pause even half of what I used to the last other times.

I went almost the entire workout without having to pause it.

Overall today was great. I’m still having problems with some exercises since I have weak legs, but I’m still growing into them. Hopefully by this first month, I’ll be strong enough to to them better.

Tomorrow is legs, so I’ll be working hard to keep up with the video — that’s a given.

See you tomorrow!!!

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One Comment to “P90X Plyometrics Workout – Day 16 Results”

  1. Jason 9 June 2010 at 10:40 am

    I just started the second phase, and I’ve gotta say that of all of the workouts, plyo is by far the one that gets better (wouldn’t say easier)with each session.

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