P90X Plyometrics Workout Review – Day 16

P90X Plyometrics WorkoutToday was day 16 of P90X, and I completed the Plyometrics workout once again.

Looking back at how I’ve done in Plyometrics, I’d say that the Week 1 was hell, Week 2 was much better, and this week was just so-so…

Though I got more sleep than I have in the past few weeks, one night isn’t enough to compensate for all those cumulative hours lost. I was “doggin’ it,” as Tony Horton would put it, since I didn’t do as well—but I did do the best I could with the energy I had. My knees and hip joints hurt a little during and after today’s P90X workout, and I even made the rookie mistake of taking in too much water during a break, which sloshed around unpleasantly in me during all the jumping exercises that followed.

I want to talk a little about some of the gear I use with the workout. For every P90X workout, I make use of the excellent Sweat GUTR, which is indispensable for anyone who sweats a lot. The Sweat GUTR makes it possible to do long workouts or rides without constantly having to wipe sweat out of your eyes. On heavy cardio days like Kenpo X or Plyometrics, I also use the excellent Adidas Rava MB running shoes, which are light and have Adidas; Bounce cushioning technology from head to toe—most shoes only have the padding in the heel. These two items are essential to my cardio days.

Tomorrow is Shoulders & Arms, plus Ab Ripper X, so it’s off to bed early so I can bring it!

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