P90X Plyometrics Workout

Hello Guys. Today i really went far into the plyometrics world. I really went in deep. I completed all the exercises as best as my abilities allowed me. I went farther and deeper as I could. It was HARD. It was an intensive/great workout. I kicked harder, farther and stronger than ever. I made sure that for this new month, things are going to be more extreme than last month. I have to make sure I can keep up with all the other exercises in the same way. Harder and stronger.

It feels great, and although I can’t really tell a full physical change of appearance, I can definitely feel it coming soon, and when it comes, it will be drastic. I feel my body, my core, turning into a monster of resistance and about to make my physical looks turn into something amazing.

So, let’s see what I’ll be looking like after this month. I’m excited. I’m doing the “doubles” feature. It means extra cardio workouts every other day. (intensive)

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