P90X Recovery Week – Day 22 Yoga X Workout

P90X Yoga DVDSo today was the first day of my recovery week, the end of which leads into Phase 2 of P90X.

Yoga X was the order of the day, and I didn’t do as well as the last time a few days ago. I did manage to stay up the whole time through the roughest parts, like Warrior Three and the moves that followed, but wasn’t as steady as I was the last time. I also have a long way to go to be as calm and collected as the “kids” in the video. I look and sound like I’m being tortured.

I’m coming back to my concerns about nutrition and rest, both of which I think are impacting my performance and progress in the P90X program. From what I understand, slightly more carbs will be allowed in Phase 2, which is good for muscle growth, and I need all I can get.

I also need not just more rest, but consistently get more rest. Even though I feel my body has adjusted to the physical stress of P90X, I still don’t think things are quite right when I feel weak during the day or can’t match a prior workout due to missing a little sleep here and there.

Tomorrow brings my first attempt at Core Synergistics, and I’ve decided to not read ahead or watch the video beforehand. I want to be surprised.

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