P90X Review – Day 1 Chest and Back Workout

Well… day one of P90X is upon me…. **gulps**

I’m at work at the moment (I work in an office). I’ve gone for level two nutrition which means that I can have 2,400 calories in a day.

So far I’ve had an apple for breakfast (that’s the total amount of fruit that I can have in a day then lol), I’ve had a tea with skimmed milk (the milk counting to my dairy for the day too).

I’ve cooked off a couple of chicken breasts and weighed them to give myself 2 of my 7 protein portions to eat during the day today. I’ll buy a salad from the canteen to add to them for my lunch.

I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do for snacks yet – I’m allowed “a double”, “a bar” and “a drink”… to be honest I’m not really sure what that means… but I’ll have a read over the course of the morning.

As far as the workout goes – day one is Chest and Back (I think). I’m a bit worried about the pull ups given yesterdays dismal performance… but like I said – I’m not going to worry and I’ll just put my head down and get it done. :O)

Update: 2pm

I’ve just had my lunch of a chicken breast (with dried chili flakes to season) and salad. I just have to say that I never thought that salad would ever be as filling as it actually is!

I haven’t even done one workout yet and have only been on the program for 8 hours but I feel healthier already lol.

Bring on the next 90 days!

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