P90X Review – Day 1

Wow, I started my P90X workout today and got my butt kicked! I was in the Marine Corps for 5 years and I know a thing or two about exercise, and the P90X program is amazing!  I lost my breakfast twice, which in my opinion if you don’t throw up you didn’t push yourself hard enough!

I did every exercise, but my reps were much lower than everyone on the video, which is expected as I have not been exercising for over a year now, and no one should expect to jump in and keep up if you don’t already work out a few times a week.

I started with the classic P90X and am debating on jumping to the cardio version so I can keep up. I also couldn’t drink my protein shake after the work out because I don’t want to throw money down the toilet if you catch my drift. Other than that I am excited to continue my P90X review tomorrow!

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