P90X Review – Day 7 Kenpo X Workout DVD

Day 7 of my P90X workout review, and today I did Kenpo X.

Before going into this workout I thought that it would be my easiest day. Having studied Martial Arts for over a year I figured that my body would be used to the kicking/punching movements and that I would breeze through the hour long workout.

To an extent, I was correct. However something worth note is that the style of punching and kicking that I’ve learned is very specific to my own style (Higashi Karate) and not Kenpo Karate as Tony uses. I found myself debating whether I was best to copy Tony parrot-fashion and risk messing up in Karate class by using “incorrect” techniques or to use the Kenpo DVD to practice my Higashi style instead.

I guess that wouldn’t make much sense so someone that isn’t a martial artist, but to make an analagy… if you can imagine driving a car… you are used to driving sitting on one side of the car, driving on one side of the road. You know how to drive and it feels comfortable to do so – almost habitual. Now imagine driving in a foreign country where they drive on the opposite side of the road. The seat is the wrong way around, the gear stick is on the opposite side and the “rules of the road” vary a little… you re still driving, and you know how to drive… but its just not as comfortable… that was how I felt…

The P90X Kenpo X workout itself is enjoyable though, and I do look forward to next week… but I’m still not sure how to approach the techniques… but I’ll let you know when I do!!

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