P90X Reviews – Day 2

Well I made it through day one of the P90X exercise program! It’s now the a.m of day two and I’ve got some interesting thing to report that I wasn’t aware of before starting day one…


I didn’t realise how much food can be crammed into 2400 calories at all. Yesterday I took in about 400 calories before 8pm thinking that the remaining 2000 calories would be my evening meal. How wrong I was… when I pulled everything out of the fridge that I still needed to eat to hit my targets I was totally astounded… the plate was a mountain of vegetables and chicken breasts, underneath somewhere there was 237ml (one cup) of Pasta too. It took me the best part of 40 minutes to finish it and I sat there totally bloated for the next 2 hours before bed. Not cool.

So today I’ve taken a different tact – I’ve had my fruit portion for breakfast “as normal” and have cooked off my carbs (pasta), 3 portions of protein (Chicken) and 2 portions of Vegetables (mixed) to eat throughout the day whilst at work. I’m going to try and eat every three hours, meaning my next meal will be at 10.30/11am. Hopefully this way I’ll still be left with 2 portions of veg, 4 portions of protein, 2 snacks, 1 portion of fat and 3 portions of dairy for tonight which should be about right after the workout.

Before I get onto the workout I thought I’d mention that I’m a bit worried about tonight’s workout – not the workout itself but because tonight is the night that I would normally have karate practice for an hour and a half – the majority of it being a fitness session. I’m not sure if my body can handle both workouts in one day… :O/ I’m planning on talking to my Sensei tonight to let him know about the program and why my performance might drop a little in classes. However as he is super-fit already I don’t think there will be much room for error anyway… just a little nervous of being forced to choose… if it comes to it though I’ll have to take three months out from Karate…

Chest, Back and Ab Ripper X

So… the P90X workout… how did I get on? Not great but not terrible either. My fears about not being able to do one pull up were completely unfounded. The DVD tells you to put a chair underneath you and keep one toe on there whilst doing the work – that way you can transfer some body weight (as if you were being spotted doing a bench press if that makes sense) to allow yourself to complete the workout.

The P90X DVD’s themselves are actually pretty entertaining. The “backup” people are lively and amusing – always competing with each other to get an extra rep or more weight in. Tony Horton asks you to set yourself a repetition goal with each set that you do which is actually really helpful – the professionals on the DVD’s are setting goals at 30 reps where mine were 10-15… but I figure if I “keep pushing play” and continue to work as hard as I can and stay on track with the diet the results will work for themselves…

Oh – I nearly forgot – after the chest and back section we moved straight into the “Ab Ripper X” portion. I was totally out of my depth here. I managed a few reps of each section (if you can keep up with them then you do 300+ moves!!!) so a little disappointed with my performance but going to keep at it. After all Rome wasn’t built in a day!!

Definitely a massive fan of the program now… cant wait to get home tonight and press play!!

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