P90X Reviews – Days 16, 17 and 18

P90X ReviewsWell, being on vacation I had to sacrifice one day of P90X, and it was Yoga on Thursday. I just couldn’t work it in.

Having said that, I was determined to do legs and back last night, which was a logistical feat as I did it between my wife going with her mother and aunt to get a tattoo and leaving PCB for my old Kentucky Home!  I managed to pull it off, and completed the DVD workout.

I’m really starting to notice my ability to do some of these P90X exercises growing, so much so that upon returning home today I went to Dick’s and bought two 20lb dumbbells, the 15′s just weren’t cutting it on a lot of the exercises.    I’m also noticing a slight shift in my body, my thick neck is starting to stretch a bit, and my midsection is starting to pare down a little.  Hopefully changing up the routines for week 4 will accelerate the process.

After 10 hours of driving today I’m looking forward to getting down with Kenpo X tonight!

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